Installing the app on Amazon Fire TV

Loading your own playlist

The application does not include any channels, it is only a tool to watch your  streams.

Our app does not contains any channels, which mean that is only a Player for your  Playlist. 
You need a Playlist to use our app!! We dont give any Playlist or information about where you can find some.

How to install the app on Amazon Fire TV:

You can download the app from Amazon Store and install it. When you dont see the app in Amazon Store you can use the Downloader for downloading our apk and installing. In this case you have to change some settings from you Amazon stick. At first you have to go in settings -> my fire tv -> Devoloper options -> then you have to enable the APPS from Unknow Sources.  After do this you can install the APK.

The application is not in the Amazon Apps store. You can install the application on your Fire TV device by entering in the Downloader app or your device's browser's URL field. You can also follow this guide to sideload applications on Amazon Fire TV devices.

Check this video guide on how to move the application icon to the Home screen if it is hidden.

Selecting a external Media Player:

If you have ay problem while stremaing movie, series or channels you can select a external Player from settings. You can choose between VLC and MX player which is supported in our app. At first you have to download and install the external player from Google Playstore. After that it would be actived in our app.

How to use the Amazon Fire TV remote controll:

  • OK - show channel list;

  • P+/P - and Arrow buttons - navigate pages and channels

  • UP - while watching in fullscreen; you can switch the channel

  • DOWN - while watching in fullscreen; you can switch the channel

  • UP/DOWN - for selecting any categorie, move and serie

  • LEFT arrow - Rewind while watching a movie or serie

  • RIGHT arrow - Fastfoward while watching a movie o serie

  • MENU - on primary screen you will see a menu where you can add a channel to favorites and on movies and series page you can use it for switching the audio track and selecting subtitel.

  • BACK - hide channel list and info; go back to home screen

  • EXIT - exit the app (required to reload playlist)

  • PLAY - resume paused stream

  • PAUSE - pause stream

  • PLAY-PAUSE - pause and resume

  • << - Rewind in movies and series

  • >> - Fastforward in movies and series. To switch from live TV to movies page and from movies to series and from there back to Live TV

  • RED - change audio track / subtitles; add favourite

  • YELLOW - adding a channel, movie and serie to favorite

  • BLUE - switching from live TV to movies page and from movies to series and from there back to Live TV