Instructions for Setting Up Masa Player:

1. Locate and Note Your TV MAC ADDRESS:

   - Launch the Masa Player app on your smart TV.

   - Navigate to the Settings section.

   - Find and select "ACCOUNT INFO."

   - Take note of the MAC ADDRESS displayed on the screen.

2. Choose a Playlist Name:

   - Enter a preferred name for your playlist.

   - This name will help you identify and manage your channel list easily.

3. Enter Playlist URLs:

   - Obtain the playlist URL(s) for your desired channel list.

   - Make sure you have the correct and valid m3u8 playlist URLs.

   - If you have multiple playlists, press the "+" icon to add additional URLs.

4. Upload Your Playlists:

   - Once you have entered the MAC ADDRESS, playlist name, and playlist URL(s), navigate to the "UPLOAD" button.

   - Press the "UPLOAD" button to start the process.

   - Wait for the app to complete the upload procedure.


- Ensure that the MAC ADDRESS entered is accurate and matches the one displayed on your TV screen.

- Verify that the playlist URLs you provide are functional and properly formatted.

- Double-check the correctness of the playlist name you choose.