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1.1 On 25 May 2018, the EU's Personal Data Regulation enters into force. The Personal Data Regulation deals with the processing and storage of personal information. In the following, you can read how Masa Player collects and processes information about you.

1.2 The personal data policy applies to the information that you give us or that we collect when you use our services, for example our website, newsletters, competitions, flow emails, push messages, pop-ups and similar.

1.3 Masa Player is the data controller for the personal information you have given us. If you have any questions regarding our personal data policy, you must contact our customer service in writing or by telephone. You will find our contact information under point 7.


2.1 When you visit Masa Player, our system automatically collects information about you and your use of our website. The data the system registers include information about which browser you use, which words, products and categories you search for, your IP address, network location and information about your computer, mobile or tablet, which It makes it possible for us to improve your user experience and optimize Masa Player functions, just as we use the information to carry out relevant marketing. The legal basis for our processing of your data in connection with visits to the website can be found in the EU Personal Data Regulation, art. 6, subsection 1, letter f.

2.2 When you sign up for Masa Players direct marketing, for example our Facebook page, newsletter, push messages or the like, we register your name, your email address and other voluntary information that you provide yourself in in connection with registration. The purpose is to be able to deliver relevant marketing to you. The legal basis for this is the EU Personal Data Regulation, art. 6, subsection 1, letter f.

2.3 When you buy a product on Masa Player or communicate with us via our website, we register the information you provide yourself, such as your name, your address, your email address, your phone number, payment method, delivery method de, IP address, and which products you have purchased and possibly returned to us. This information is recorded in order for us to deliver the products that you have ordered and also to manage and comply with your rights to return and complain about an item. Information about your purchases via our website is also collected so that we can comply with legal requirements for bookkeeping and accounting. When we register your IP address, it is because Masa Player is interested in preventing and preventing fraud. The legal basis for this is the EU Personal Data Regulation, art. 6, subsection 1, letters b, c and f.


3.1 Masa Player transfers information about your name, your address, your e-mail address, your order number and delivery requests to DAO, PostNord, GLS, Bring or another carrier that handles the shipping and delivery of the goods you have purchased from U.S. If you buy products that are not in our stock, your information may exceptionally be passed on to the manufacturer, who will then ensure that the item in question is sent to you. This information is exchanged between Masa Player and the carrier via Webshipper.

COOKIES. Cookies are small bits of data cached in a user’s browser. Masaplayer.COM utilizes cookies to determine whether or not you have visited the home page in the past. However, no other user information is gathered.

3.2 Since we use external partners for, among other things, technical operation, improvements on the website, collection of permissions for sending out newsletters, participation in competitions, pop-ups, relevant marketing and evaluation of our company and products, information about your name and email address will be entrusted to them. In connection with your purchase of goods on our website, Trustpilot sends an email on behalf of our company with an invitation to rate our products and services. It is completely optional whether you want to make a review and you can choose to use a name of your choice. We only use the provided e-mail address to verify that a purchase has been made at Masa Player. If you accept the invitation, please note that the data responsibility for your personal information in this connection passes to Trustpilot.

We transfer information about your name and email address to, among other things, the following external business partners established within the EU:

Trust pilot

The above-mentioned companies have the status of data processors who, under our instructions, process the data for which we are legally responsible. All external partners who process personal data on our behalf have entered into written data processing agreements with our company, where they are subject to strict confidentiality. None of our external partners